Change the story
for more dogs

Man’s best friend deserves to be treated like one. Let’s put an end to puppy mills and give more dogs the life they deserve.

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The Issue

Behind the cute world of puppies lies the cruelty of puppy mills. Most puppies bought in store and online come from mills, overcrowded breeding factories that have no regard for animal welfare. Join us, take action and help change the story for more dogs today.

The Puppy Supply Chain

How YOU Can Help

From choosing reponsibly to sharing our message, there are a lot of ways to take action and


Don’t buy your next dog from a pet store or Internet site, and don’t buy supplies from any pet store or Internet site that sells puppy mill dogs.
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Speak Up

It doesn’t take an activist to spark change. Help become a voice for man’s best friend – our dogs.
Contact Lawmakers


Contact us or local authorities to report suspicious activity if you are concerned about a possible puppy mill operating in your area. Help us, help them.
COntact Us
They’re Waiting.

Urge the USDA to raise their standards, tighten regulations and help the thousands of suffering dogs in puppy mills across the country.

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Looking for a puppy?

If you’re considering a puppy, odds are you’ll end up with a dog from a puppy mill.  Most Americans don’t know the puppy they’ve purchased came from a mill.
Use our free resources and find your best friend a better way.

Consider adoption first.
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