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it’s time to put an end to the cycle of abuse for millions of dogs. Man’s best friend deserves to be treated like one. TOGETHER WE CAN STOP PUPPY MILLS.

Mother dog in a puppy mill with her litter of puppies.

The Issue

Behind the cute world of puppies lies the cruelty of puppy mills. Most puppies bought in store and online come from mills, overcrowded breeding factories that have no regard for animal welfare. Join us, take action and help change the story for more dogs today.

what is a puppy mill?

It is man’s best friend’s, worst nightmare. Puppy mills are factory-like facilities that “produce” puppies as if they were products. Puppy mill operators are irresponsible breeders with no regard for the welfare of their animals. All they care about is profit. They know cute sells. They keep the mother dogs locked in cages for their entire lives, used only to produce litter after litter of puppies to supply online and retail pet stores.

Puppy mills are located all over the United States and operated by irresponsible breeders. They will do whatever it takes to make sure their puppies end up in your homes (once you pay for them of course).

The Puppy Supply Chain

HSUS Initiatives

The Humane Society of the United States works tirelessly to stop puppy mills and save dogs.

HSUS rescue

Together with law enforcement, The HSUS is committed to shutting down every practicing puppy mill in existence and preventing the opening of new ones.

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Selling Puppies, and a Pack of Lies

180+ Animals Rescued in Arkansas

100+ Animals Rescued in NC


The Animal Welfare Act exists to protect animals. But every day thousands of puppies continue to be mistreated. Why? Because violators rarely face penalty for treating innocent puppies like products. You can help. Write your congressman and let him or her know you’re concerned about the inhumane treatment of dogs in puppy mills. Ask them to expand the Animal Welfare Act to include kennels that sell large numbers of puppies directly to the public. Together we can #STOPPUPPYMILLS.

Get involved at the local level and help stop the suffering of puppy mill dogs. Find out if your community has enacted ordinances to regulate puppy mills, pet stores and the manner in which puppies are sold. #STOPPUPPYMILLS

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We help pet stores that sell puppies switch to a more humane model. By offering puppies for adoption from nearby shelters or moving to a supplies-only model, stores can save the lives of animals in search of homes, and save the breeding dogs trapped in puppy mills. The humane model can also bring in new customers and attract positive media attention for the store. Check out how one Pennsylvania store is implementing the model.

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From choosing responsibly to sharing our message, there are a lot of ways to help stop puppy mills.

Choose reSponsibly

When looking for a dog, it is important to know what you decide will impact millions of dogs in the puppy pipeline. Take your time, do your research, and make sure your next puppy doesn’t come from a puppy mill.

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Share our message

Puppies are our best friends, family, soul mates. Let us know what your dog means to you. Help spread our shared love of dogs on social media.


be their voice

If puppy mill puppies could talk they’d have a lot to say. But since they can’t we need you to be their voices. To spread the word about the miserable conditions in which they are raised. To complain about how they’re taken from their moms before they’re ready. And to raise a stink about the way they are transported like products with little to no regard for safety. So be vocal. Be active. Sign the puppy pledge, share it with your friends, and show the world how you feel about puppy mills. Millions of cute puppies are counting on your support.


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report suspicious activity

If you are working with a breeder who won’t let you meet the mother dog or exhibits other suspicious behavior, contact local authorities.

If you are concerned about a possible puppy mill operating in your area, contact local authorities.

If you know of a pet store in your neighborhood that inhumanely sources puppies from mills, contact local authorities.

If you have had any contact with a puppy broker who you suspect treats animals inhumanely, contact local authorities.

At HSUS we only have so many resources to stop puppy mills. If we’re going to break the cycle of mistreating puppies we need your eyes and ears and most importantly your voices. Stand up and be heard. #STOPPUPPYMILLS

Disclaimer: Please note that The HSUS is not a government or law-enforcement agency and cannot guarantee action on every complaint

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